Anonymous asked:

Do u by any chance find plus size girls attractive? My fiancée is around ur size and I'm a "plus size" girl sometimes he makes me feel bad by saying unnecessary things or if I'm eating something with a lot of calories he makes me feel guilty and it really hurts my feelings sometimes because he gives me the silent treatment after :( idk what to do he wasn't like this when we were dating but as of lately he's been really annoying with my weight it's really bothering me.

iamrickyhoover answered:

Wow! I’m sorry but he sounds like an asshole who doesn’t deserve you! I’m sure you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are. You need to tell him to stop that shit! He should be lifting you up not bringing you down! Especially if he’s lucky enough to get to share life with you. You’re beautiful, know that, believe that, don’t ever let anyone no matter who they are tell you any different.

I respect Ricky. Thanks for this. I’m a plus size girl myself and we deserve respect just like anyone else. 💜